The Winners for the 2013 National Country Music Awards are as follows:

Cameron Scott

Dennis Marsh

Kaylee Bell

Cooper’s Run

Tony Williams

Quotes from feedback on the 2013National Country Music Awards.

“Thank you very much for the winning tickets for the recent National Country Music Awards.  My partner and I went on Saturday night and we had an awesome time.  Was surprised at the young talent we have here in New Zealand.  Country music as we know it, is definitely going in a different direction but is certainly amazing.  Was great to see Tony Williams receive the Legend award”. 


“Chris Powley was a great MC and is also a great singer and entertainer.  Congratulations for putting on a great show and hope to be attending more country music awards in the future”.  Also enjoyed Juice Newton.  She has not lost any of her talent and was awesome as well.  I was pleasantly surprised at the talent of all the singers and the running of the show.  Congratulations  again on making it an awesome night”.


“I loved the show.  It was full of great talent and a variety of music which I love, and both my friends did too.  Any one of the guys would have been a worthy winner of the Horizon Award - glad I'm not a judge”. 


“It was a great show and those who didn't come missed a goodie. The international additive was great and should be continued.  Congratulations to KPA on a 1st class show”.

The Sou'Westers "Going West" has been added to the Air New Zealand In-Flight Program from November 1st. "We are very honored to have our music there for passengers to listen to on international flights with our national carrier".

Kaylee Bell HeartFirst Video Release HeartFirst,
the first single from Kaylee’s upcoming Toyota Star Maker album.....

New Zealand’s first ever showcase at the 2013 Gympie Music Muster. Download more...